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11/02-07 Vs. Storm/Hitmen

Vinter spill


From our Venue in Fana Outside Bergen.

A rugged Field lightly forested and lots of rocky hills.

This is one of few free build zones, where we actualy are pretty free to do whatever we want building wise, also since this are is in a heavy commercial area, its also free to use ground pyros at...

23/04-06 Vs. Storm/BGMilsim1

Nazarian Para ASC 02 and Hitmen ASC (But no one from Hitmen ASC Actually showed up) had the pleasure of inviting BG. MilSim and Storm to a Really down and dirty SIBO (CQB) game, 3000m2 of pure SIBO heaven. Unfortunately this was the last game in that building as it was sold to a contra...

2-4/06-06 OKE2

Operation knife edge 2.
Nazarian Para ASC Where invited by RAS to enter a rifle squad in operation knife edge 2.

The Unit Dispatched Where Nazarian Para ASC 02 But Borrowed the Commanding officer of NZR Para 01 as this where a two day Operation and commanders needed to work in sh...

28/01-07 Tellevik Kystfort


Angrbodha, an insertion traning mission in 6 parts.
part 1: Landing Beach Clearing
part 2: Barracks observation and determination
part 3: Barracks observation and determination
Part 4: Road clearance
Part 5: Listening Post Observation and determination
Part 6: HQ take over and establishme...

Bootcamp 02

Our Second Bootcamp in 2006 due to the high intake of new recruits.

Fuck NASF =Promo

Godt Nyttår NASF!..

Skulle forbundet oppløses i 2007 så skal vi personlig ta 1000 skudd på blanke messingen.

og faktisk filme det!!

Vil med denne nyttårshilsen ønske alle klubber tilknyttet NMSF et riktig så godt nyttår og håper 2007 vil bringe mange gode spill..

Nytt for i år vil væ...

Internal NZR 02 Vs. NZR 03. 02

Internal Friendly fight between NZR Para 02 and NZR Para 03

Nazarian Drummers

Nazarian Roll call Drummers


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