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Nazarian Para ASC

Nazarian Para ASC is an AirSoftClub Located in Arna/Bergen

Our home field (Jonholla) is a 3 by 3 kilometer shoting range covered with roads, hills and medium to dense forest, plenty of ambush spots and it also features a parade ground.

All challenges are welcome and may be casted our way at

(OBS) Nazarian Para ASC is stricktly an airsoft club, Nazarian Para ASC is non violent, non political, non religious, pure fun and games group. We are all about Milsim and Airsoft and not much else, we do not support the actions of any ism`s no mather what ism that may be unless there is invented a new word called airsoftism.

Nazarian Para ASC Roleplays a Norwegian PMC, Nazarian ASC is However not to be confused with a PMC.

Nazarian (org: Nazarevs, Is: Nazareth) is a common Armenian Family name, origin from INRI (Iesvs Nazarevs Rex IvdŠor = Jesus Nazarian (Nazareth) King (of) judea) Nazarian Para ASC is however not an religious Group, altoght we do use an field-priest in game, this to simulate all aspects of Milsim.

Nazarian is not an Nazi organization, our name is not to be mistaken for an Nazi alias, we are just as much Nazis as Ashkenazi Jews

Airsoft refers to a sport or recreational pastime in which players participate in the simulation of military- or law enforcement-style combat using replicas of real firearms, collectively called airsoft guns.

Airsoft has its roots in late-1970s Asia, where firearms were difficult or impossible to obtain due to local laws and gun hobbyists sought a legal alternative for enjoying their passion. It is therefore unsurprising that airsoft is still today most popular in several Asian regions, such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and, to a certain extent, the Philippines and Indonesia. The vast majority of airsoft guns, accessories, and aftermarket upgrade parts are also manufactured in these countries.

MilSim (MILitary SIMulation) generally combines airsoft play with some military live action role-playing elements. Several goals or missions are assigned to each team as a foundation for confrontation in firefights and other simulated military-style combat.

In contrast to a standard skirmish, which can be played in under an hour and repeated several times per day, MilSim games put less emphasis on speed and more emphasis on military tactics, such as scouting, land navigation, patrolling, and movement to contact. As a result MilSim games are usually scheduled to last 3-6 hours or more, and can often run over an entire weekend of play time. In more elaborate cases, games may be played overnight, so strategic elements such as setting up observation posts, sleeping quarters, maintaining perimeter security and the like are added to the experience.

Another aspect of MilSim-style airsoft gaming that ties into the live action element is the global desire for players to look and feel the part they are playing. Hence, MilSim-style games may have uniform or clothing requirements specific to the scenario being played.


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