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Desertion is the act of abandoning or withdrawing support from an entity to which one has given.

In a military unit, desertion is the act of leaving a unit. In some cases, the permanent or temporary nature of their leave, as defined by "intent" bears relevance on their distinction and further judgement as a deserter. Desertion is generally considered a serious crime, particularly during wartime, but punishments can vary widely; from execution (by an airsoft fireing squad) to a simple discharge from duty.

We at Nazarian do not use this space to publicly Humiliate former members that have fared ill within our group, rather we use this space to tell our groups history in full, all things good, all things bad.
There are many ways to quit Nazarian without having to appear on the deserter list or rather just a few ways to appear on it. this is however a private matter internal for Nazarian! but no one appears on this page just for fun or humiliation.



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