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Weapons Used By NZR Para ASC

Nazarian Para ASC has a strict Policy on weapons types allowed for usage in the Group.
Generally 5 types are allowed.

1. Sidearms: Any Glock that accepts KWC`s standard 23 rounds Magazines, may not be tuned except for free choice of gas type that does not exeed 300 Fps in accordance with NASF

2. Submachine Guns: Any Mp5`s that accepts CA/Marui/ICS Standard 50 rounds Magazines,
May be tuned to 350 fps but generally preferred kept stock for SIBO use (under 300 Fps) in accordance with NASF

3. Automatic Rifles: Any G3`s That accepts CA/Marui/Star Standard 70 Rounds Magazines,
May Be Tuned To 350 fps (450 for Semi-autos) for outdoor games, tuning exclude indoor usage, in accordance with NASF.

4. Sniper: there is an free sniper policy in Nazarian however we generally recommend PSG-1 semi auto or an Bolt action rifle, PSG-1 May be tuned to 550 Fps in Nazarian (not in accordance with NASF) as the PSG-1 otherwise would be useless as a sniper, anyhow the PSG-1 is useless as an Automatic rifle due to design and a full tune up to 550 fps is recommenced.
Bolt actions may be freely tuned to 550 fps at will and are in accordance with NASF

5. shotguns and grenade launchers: shotguns and launchers are free choice in Nazarian, tune up is normally not an issue as they are mainly SIBO type Weapons



Automatic Rifles (2)

Machine Guns (1)

Pistols (2)

Submachine Guns (7)


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