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Venues - Bergen


This agricultural field is great for the playing semi urban games with loots of artificial covers that a farm feild does provide, large open ranges with thick isles of wooded areas, this field is also home of Hybsville an small island (5 square meters) which got its name from an infamous Ex-Nazar...


Not Actually an Airsoft venue, Jonholla acts as our training field, however Nazarian does not have the right to use the area with live airsoftrifles,
as it is an Real steel Shooting Range used by many shootingclubs like ┼sane jeger og fiske, Nazarian frivilige skytterlag (a sister organization t...


Two perfect ridges laying paralell to each other seperated by an dried out swamp, the swamp is criss-crossed with euro palles bridges and covered in hip high hedges, weeds and grass both hills are the same highs and are around 150 meters long and 50 meters wide, the hills are dotted with rock for...


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