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Nazarian Para ASC 02 (1)

Nazarian Para 02. First Promo.

Our first Promo video, Featuring Elements of Nazarian Para ASC 01 But Mostly NZR Para 02 as NZR Para 01 at the time where to small to induvidualy operate on its own, this is a promo we today dislikes as wen it was made, we where new to airsoft (2-3 months active)...

Nazarian Para ASC 02 (2)

Our second attempt to make an promo, this photos and clips where shoot only 4-5 months after we started And Features only members of Nazarian para ASC 02 (althoght some participants in this promo Have been transfered to NZR para ASC 01 today) and shows to some degree what NZR Para 02 have becomed...

Nazarian Para ASC 02 (3)


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